We’re looking forward to your visit…

Now that Bruno and I have moved to the city, “What’s Cooking in France” has become “What’s Cooking in Bordeaux” … but our e-mail has stayed the same: whatscookinginfrance@gmail.com

Our new home is smaller than our previous country house, La Forge, but we still have room for lots of children and grandchildren to visit. Eventually, we will have a B&B guest room as well.

In the meantime, we are proposing that our “cooking” guests enjoy

• a calm, three-night stay in the countyside of Entre Deux Mers at the beautiful Chateau de Castelneau, where we have long taken our visitors to enjoy Loïc’s priceless stories of his chateau and Bordeaux wines.


• a stay with lovely hosts in a renovated and rebuilt “échoppe,” one of Bordeaux’s typical two-story homes built in the 1900s. La Ferrand is a city B&B just a few streets from our new home and Yvonne, the owner, is the perfect addition to my new adventure of What’s Cooking in Bordeaux.

I will continue to help you organize your stay in Bordeaux and introduce you to some of our old favorites as well as new-found favorite places. We can propose cooking classes both in the city and in the country. We offer classes, with dinner included, in the kitchen of our renovated 14th century water mill, as well as in the Bordeaux apartment of a talented young private chef.

More details for 2020’s dates will be published soon…

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