On this sunny, cold and snowy day I’ve finally sent out my new years cards to family,  friends and guests as well as a notice of new links and information here on my blog. One of my new years resolutions is to write more often ! Of course I’d like to tempt you all to come and visit. A photo of La Forge in the snow is perhaps not the best way to entice you to come to France when many of you are probably already looking forward to the warmth of summer. But I promise, this only happens once a year…and not even every year !  For a mid-westerner like me I’m delighted to have the crisp snow of my childhood. And of course, as no one knows how to drive on snow here in Bordeaux everything comes to a stop ! Schools are closed, stores have a hard time keeping supplies, the streets are empty except for a few cars that crawl along. You see people walking  along the roadside in the snow marveling at the beauty and the silence…but looking forward to tomorrow when it will have all melted and they can get back to business as usual.

Enjoy the blog, take some time to explore my new pages ! And think about coming for a vacation…or even more if you’d like to be French for a couple of weeks…the whole house and cottage are available to rent for a family or group of friends from mid July to mid august. You can check out the details on the page “Summer Rentals”.

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